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Who Am I?

I was born in the Baltimore, Maryland (Go Ravins!) and grew up in the DC area (Go Wizards!). At the University of Maryland, College Park (Go Terps!), I studied finance, and my after my third semester added Computer Science.

Since then I’ve worked for both small and large companies, all over the world. In all that time, and though all those experiences, I’ve keep a journal and I continue to update it. Now though, rather than only writing for one, I’ll write for many, sharing insights, mistakes lessons learned, and my ever changing viewpoints.

I hope this brief window into my thoughts provides you with yet another datapoint in your quest to do the same, to learn, and to grow.

Although I don't see it, I've been told I look like: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and John Cusack 😛

Lesson in Data Recovery, Keep backups!