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Express Proj Setup 5: Testing with Jest and Supertest

While writing code, we need to ensure that the updates do not break existing code. Rather than manually running tests each time we make code changes, we will learn a format to define tests and have them automatically run when we make changes. We will us a popular library called Jest, along with two utilities to make network requests, and an in-memory mongodb instance written for Jest-testing.

Express Proj Setup: 3 Data Storage, Native Mongodb

An important aspect of any application, is data storage. For that, we will use a non-sql database called mongoDB. To link our express app we will use the popular native mongoDB driver and this post will show you how to configure it.

Express Proj Setup: 0 Intro

This is the beginning of a series of articles focused on learning and building a complete nodejs server-side environment based on the expressjs framework. This first article focuses on setup of the development environment, specifically using a popular style guide, a library to catch code problems while writing code, and a formatter to have a consistance code look.

How to setup a complete Expressjs project

In this guide, I’ll show you how to setup a node web framework and use it to support a client webapp built with vanilla-javascript. It is not meant to teach you how to use Express itself, but after you’ve learned…