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This category touches on all things related to Technology. Hardware with gadget reviews, and software with app reviews and development techniques.

Regarding the later, I’m an advocate of trying new things and learning them on a building blocks level, meaning how they work from the ground up. Technology, both my work and passion, changes quickly so it’s important to stay current and leverage what works, while understanding what doesn’t.

IndexedDB, a Look Transaction Performance

I’ve been working on a webapp, which will support offline access. So, after fetching data from the network, I save it to a local store on the client. In my first request, I was saving just over 600 records, and…

Google Authentication & Authorization via Oauth in 2022

Overview I feel like I’ve had the misfortune of re-learning this topic over and over so I’ll document the process this time. Besides, Google is discontinuing Google Sign-In: We are discontinuing the Google Sign-In JavaScript Platform Library for web. Beginning April…

Express Proj Setup 6: Code Documentation, JSDoc

We continue building our Expressjs project by adding the capability for automatic documentation generation via a popular library called JSDoc. You will learn how to set it up, how to document your code in a format to be used by the library, and also learn of a plugin to customize the look of your generated documents.

Express Proj Setup 5: Testing with Jest and Supertest

While writing code, we need to ensure that the updates do not break existing code. Rather than manually running tests each time we make code changes, we will learn a format to define tests and have them automatically run when we make changes. We will us a popular library called Jest, along with two utilities to make network requests, and an in-memory mongodb instance written for Jest-testing.

Express Proj Setup 4: Authentication, Middleware & Secure Cookies

Any webpage/app which allows for multiple users needs a mechanism to support different user accounts. Our express app will also support this and we will leverage a feature built into our framework, namely middleware, and a commonly used client component, cookies. We will also make our setup more robust by leveraging a popular package which allows for secure, and tamper- proof cookies.

Express Proj Setup: 3 Data Storage, Native Mongodb

An important aspect of any application, is data storage. For that, we will use a non-sql database called mongoDB. To link our express app we will use the popular native mongoDB driver and this post will show you how to configure it.

Express Proj Setup: 2 Logging, using Winston & Morgan

While setting up our Express app template, we will start by setting up our logging system. To do this, we will use two popular libraries. One which automatically logs request information when used as an express middleware, and another which formats and configures log formats and types.

Express Proj Setup: 1 Proj Configuration

As we begin our Expressjs app, we will start with setting up how the app is run. This will determine configuration, performance attributes, logging, etc. This will allow our app to run optimally in different situations, including testing, development, and production.